Audiences, Indies and Covid

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 18:00

Following on from our last successful event, we’re now focusing on how the pandemic has, and will, affect audiences, markets and channels for independent film producers. Event will be on Zoom, as ever, and take place on Tuesday 30th June at 18.00 UK time.

Cinemas are closed, and will remain so, or operate under drastic restrictions for the foreseeable future. Festivals are scrambling to reposition themselves online, or shuttering. Meanwhile, streaming and online outlines are experiencing unprecedented demand as we all remain locked down.

Is this a temporary situation, or are we seeing fundamental changes to the way audiences discover and consume film? And what can we, as producers, expect from these new behaviours and business models?

Our expert panel will discuss the situation, evaluate what this means for UK independent film, and hopefully make a few predictions going forward. The event will be chaired again by Peter J. Storey, the CEO of Greenlit. Keep an eye on this page for updates, and register here.

Daniel Bekele is a Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube, dealing with some of the largest and most influential content creators in Europe, particularly in Germany. He’ll be discussing how viewing behaviours are changing, how filmmakers are reacting to the new environment and how the ecosystem and revenue models are shifting to the new normal.

Katie McCullough is the Founder and CEO of Festival Formula, a specialist consultancy that helps producers with their strategy and communications for festivals and markets. Over a 15-year career, Katie has helped more than 400 films maximise their exposure and value on the festival circuit.

Louisa Dent is a UK distribution veteran, and currently Managing Director at Curzon Artificial Eye, one of the UK’s biggest distributors of independent film. Their recent smashes include Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Souvenir and Parasite. The wider Curzon group also has interests spanning exhibition and their video-on-demand platform Curzon Home Cinema.

Patrick von Sychowski is the Editor of Celluloid Junkie, a publication with a unique global perspective on production, distribution and exhibition. Patrick is a renowned expert on exhibition technology, and has been closely monitoring the outlook for the reopening of the theatres.